Sierra Club: Brand Essence Video

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Create a brand essence video for The Sierra Club, the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.


donald trump elected

It was February 2017 when we were tasked with creating The Sierra Club's brand essence video. Donald Trump had just been elected president and our research revealed an organization and nation in pain: "Join the Fight: Protect our Planet from Trump!" read the landing page of The Sierra Club website, "Don't Let Trump Destroy Climate Progress." 


Targeting Trump

The Sierra Club's landing page displayed hyper-targeted messages in Feb 2017, resulting in massive donation spikes, but drawing the ire of certain news organizations.


sierra club taking on new causes

Beyond that, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune, had been in the news for steering the organization in a more overt political direction on issues and causes seemingly beyond the scope of environmental activism. On February 02, 2017, Fox News ran a segment between Tucker Carlson and Sierra Club Director Michael Brune called, "Tucker to Sierra Club Director: Why Take on Abortion, Xenophobia?"



what does "environment" mean today?

Should The Sierra Club be taking a stance on issues that don't seem to be directly related to the environment?
Would doing so undermine The Sierra Club's brand and purpose? 



redefine "environment" in the age of donald trump

When considering the "environment" there's the "natural world" definition, but there's also the first definition: "the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates." With The Sierra Club's mission, "Explore, Enjoy, And Protect the Planet", as our North Star, we reasoned The Sierra Club should honor all the many environments we encounter while on this Earth: the natural environment, but also the political environment that dictates so much of how we are able or not able to explore and enjoy the planet.

In the end, The Sierra Club has a duty to make the planet better. We felt that included tackling some of the personal and political environments that threaten our society in addition to fighting to protect our natural environment.

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The Sierra Club has a duty to make the planet better.



Eliza Hadjis - Strategist
Eddie Bennet - Strategist
Carole Trickey - Strategist